front office

Our front office staff are efficient and always eager to serve you at the earliest.


Our reception/receiving area is pleasant with gentle music breezing through
and a wide collection of books to be read both for adults and kids.

Dental Operatories

Each operatory is separated from the other by glass walls, with bright lighting and privacy.


Computerised digital intra oral x-rays taken with minimum radiation

OPG and Lateral Cephalograph

OPG and Lateral Cephalograph (Extra oral radio graphs) are available close by.
Lead aprons are used to avoid radiation exposure to other parts of the body


We ensure thorough hygiene and take extreme steps to afford a clean, hygienic and skilled treatment. We use disposable table tops, patient aprons, suction tubes, disposable cups, masks and surgeon caps.

All our used needles are burnt in a needle destroyer. All hospital waste is efficiently incinerated through Ramky systems, certified waste disposal service provider.

All dental instruments are cleaned and sterilised by an autoclave.


Drugs are checked and delivered at the in-house pharmacy as we value your time.


All your doubts about dental treatment will be answered here by a professional,
with the use of dental software thus ensuring a clear picture of your treatment schedule.